2:00 PM CET
8:00 AM EDT

Optimizing Aerospace conception and Efficiency: Customized Ergonomics for Safe and Productive Operator Interactions

This presentation explores an aerospace use case integrating ergonomics customization into manufacturing and maintenance processes, prioritizing human-centric operations. Through early validation, operators experience intuitive and safe interactions, ensuring timely decision-making. Key considerations include the ability for operators to manipulate tooling without product damage or injury in a true-to-life interaction with product, assembly cells & tools, and maintenance environments.


           Mickaël                                                   Arnaud Manchon
           AR/VR Domain Leader                        Territory Sales Representative
           Safran Landing Systems                     ESI Group

2:15 PM CET
8:15 AM EDT

Next Generation Simulations for Engineering (Buildability) in Digital Vehicle Validation

This presentation delves into digital vehicle validation, highlighting the transformative benefits of advanced simulation. Focusing on Dynamic Buildability Validation at an Automotive OEM, it elucidates a typical workflow, showcasing how simulation technologies streamline processes, enhance interdisciplinary working and data exchange and thus reduce time to market and cost drastically.


           Dr. Sibylle Steck                                                 André Rückert
           Development Engineer                                     Sr. Product Manager
           Mercedes-Benz                                                   ESI

2:40 PM CET
8:40 AM EDT

Panel Discussion: The power of Virtual Reality for Safe, Productive and Sustainable Human-Centric Operations

Greg Jones                                        Barrett Sauter                        Eric Kam                                         Paul Hetherington
Director Global Business               MDU in partnership              Sr. Product Marketing                 Technical Specialist Visualisation
Development, XR                             with Volvo                               Manager, ESI                                  JLR

3:10 PM CET
9:10 AM EDT

Demo: Virtual Process and Product Validation with Immersive XR

3:20 PM CET
9:20 AM EDT

Virtual Expo: Join the live Q&A, connect with the experts, explore latest XR technology and services


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